Regalla Tribal Settlement

Why? When? How? Significance of Handwashing

Location: Regalla tribal hamlet, Kothagudem, Telangana.

Date of visit: 15 November, 2020

Number of families: 25


  1. Awareness program on significance of handwashing

  1. Demonstration of 8 step handwashing techniques

  1. Community interview on WASH practices

  1. Food distribution and Handwashing techniques poster distribution

Demonstration and Awareness Sessions

1. Handwashing technique demonstration
2. Kid recalling handwashing technique after demonstration

Major Findings

  1. Unavailability of power supply and toilets
  2. 24 hour water supply available through handpumps at each house
  3. Handpump as the only source of water for cooking and cleaning
  4. Concern on leakage of water supply pipelines
  5. Snake bits as a major issue of concern
  6. Nearest PHC is at 3kms and good road infrastructure enhancing connectivity to 108 services in case of emergencies
  7. Prevalence of malaria and dengue due to rise in mosquitoes in the surroundings
  8. No fogging or mosquito nets distribution done in the area
Community group interview through semi-structured questionnaire on WASH practices

Planned interventions

  1. Request letter to tribal welfare department to provide electricity as per ST special development fund under 3 phase electricity to ST habitation scheme.
  2. Retrofitting of damaged handpumps or water pipe leakage
  3. Awareness sessions on snake bites prevention and first aid steps in collaboration with health and animal welfare NGOs
  4. Organizing dry days to clean water lodging in the vicinities to prevent mosquito larvae production and assist in adoption of vector control methods.
  5. Distribution of Insecticide Treated Nets or Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets to prevent from mosquito bites under Malaria Eradication Program

Duration of implementing intervention : 1 month

Funds estimation: ₹10,000